Transition Manager

Every organization uses some applications, and with the global expansions, integration into the external systems, batch jobs related to those applications, patches, service packs etc., combines to form a complex landscape and is quite common. Apart from maintenance & support of this complex landscape of applications, transitioning of this complete knowledge to new group or individual is very complex. Managing transitions in such companies is nightmare. Even if the transition is completed, the completeness is not measurable, nor recorded.

We plan to tackle the later challenge, Effective transition of Application’s Knowledge.

Our mission is to develop a SaaS based offering to effectively manage the Application’s Knowledge Transitions with in any organization.

  • Automation: Complete automation of Knowledge Transition sequence
  • Initiation: This phase begins when a user determines that a TM has to happen for one or more applications.
  • Due Diligence: Once Initiated, Due diligence has to happen (More effective in case of multiple applications being transitions to a group). All the required details, such as complexity, interrelations, environments etc., which is again used for planning, is captured in here.
  • Planning: During this phase, automatically the number of days required and schedules etc will be formed. Further Manager will have option to change & adjust the schedules accordingly.
  • Execution: Actual execution of the Knowledge Transition, during which day to day time entries and completion status marking etc are captured here.
  • Monitoring: Users can view the progress on their Dashboards, apart from receiving the emails.
  • Effectiveness Testing: Tests required to be taken that is set during the Due diligence as completion criteria will be done in here.


  • .NET 4.5
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • IIS 7.0
  • MVC 4
  • JQuery,JQuery Mobile, Knockout
  • NUnit
  • NCover
  • Selenium
  • TFS
  • Log4Net
Movie/Event Ticket Booking System

Today’s busy lifestyles and changing customer preferences have fuelled the growth of online shopping. Having a presence online is therefore no more a luxury but a necessity for businesses. India is a place where even today Movie is the largest entertainment for the general. But, with the increasing urban population where people are busy with their routine works and they want to spend the free time more effectively. But to get the tickets offline is big chaos because of the travelling time and waiting at the theaters and also it is becoming very difficult to Theater/Event / Cinema management teams to manage the public while issuing the tickets, managing reservation system ,its history and cash management.

Hence, our application will help the users and theater owners to easily conduct reservation system and for user it is much easy to book the tickets on convenience and plan his program. Movie production company, Event Management teams, Theater Management can easily promote their new releases, promotions to the registered users in a cost effective manner.

 Real Estate Calculator

Real Estate Calculator:

These days it is very confusing for any User or an Agent to forecast the Loan, Installment calculation and also it is very difficult to arrive for a conclusion on Buying or Renting, FRM or ARM, Biweekly or Monthly Installment payment. Real Estate Calculator is an IOS App having developed with focus on US Real Estate Industry. This app designed and developed to help property buyers, Agents and Brokers in their decision making while buying or renting a property and planning for Bank loan and preparing amortization schedule.

This app has totally eight individual modules as follows :

Loan Calculator:
This tool will help the users to calculate monthly Installment payment, Term Period, Interest Rate, Total Interest Payable and Total Amount Payable.

Amortization Schedule:
This tool will allow users to calculate loan amount and based on the loan policy it will generate total payment schedule with monthly principal & Interest Amounts payable for the total tenure.

Bi-weekly Mortgage Payment:
This tool is designed to calculate installments based on biweekly payment rather than paying in the routine way of monthly EMI.

Bi-weekly V/s Monthly :
This tool helps users to decide on repayment installment planning. With this tool user can easily check the saving he/she can make on bi-weekly and monthly installment payments according to his convenience user can take a call which option he can choose.

Qualifying Amount Calculator:
This is decision making tool know what loan amounts you can get from the banker basing on present financial capabilities like earning, dues and other payment. By using this user will come to know how much loan amount he will get from the banker and able to plan for mobilizing funds in other best possible ways.

Rent V/s Buy:
This is other decision making tool which will help users to make a decision to rent a property and buy a property by comparing advance deposits , monthly payments and Agent Charges required to pay to rent a property and Down payment , Loan Installments (EMI), Agent/Broker Fee and other payments required to pay to buy a property.

Agent Commission Calculator:
This is a simple calculator which will help users or Agents to calculate the commission payable for Property Agent or Broker while buying , Renting or Selling any property.

Compare FRM with ARM:
This tool is very handy while deciding whether to go with Fixed Rate of interest or Adjustable Rate of Interests. This tool calculates Fixed Rate mortgage with adjustable rate of mortgage loan and provides input to the user which suits him most for buying a property.