Real Estate Solutions

Our Real Estate Website solutions are geared towards providing high quality websites catering to the specific needs of the real estate market. Our solutions address the pain points of all the concerned stakeholders of the real estate market―brokers, agents, buyers and sellers. Our solutions make the home selling/buying process simpler, easier and faster by removing all possible bottlenecks for both the agent and the customer.

Our Expertise:

Real Estate Websites

Aimed towards higher conversion, our real estate websites are fast loading, search engine friendly and include powerful interface elements like searching by property, agents, etc. , photos and maps.

Specialized in MLS integration using IDX and RETS

IDX (Internet Data Exchange) and RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) are the policies and rules that allow MLS (Multiple Listing Service) database to be displayed publicly. In short, our solutions make it easy for the buyer to access a large number of homes for sale. It benefits both the buyer and the seller. The buyer has more options giving him the flexibility to refine his target and thus save time. The seller, in turn, gets contacted by more qualified leads.

Creating Single Sign On Service Provider (ISP)

Our web-based Single Sign On Service solutions using Clariety and Rappatoni IDP providers allow members to search and access listings from their laptops, tablets, and cell phones. They have public search capabilities that can send leads directly to sellers via email, and new listings directly to potential buyers. They can access and integrate all types of data from a variety of sources, like mortgage bankers, appraisers and builders, making the electronic transaction a possibility.

Normally agents and brokers use different accounts like local MLS, Docusign, RPR, and various Association Accounts to access property listings.

It is very tiresome for the agent to keep track of all these websites as well as remember their unique log in credentials.

Our Single Sign On solutions primarily focuses on real estate association companies to provide single point approach to all its agents. By using this Single Sign On, all agents who use the association website can access all their other accounts by signing in to the iDP provider website using their unique registered MLS ID.